I did a cashback but my request has still not been accepted

If your cashback has still not been accepted this means that the merchant is still dealing with your order and that we are waiting for his report before reimbursing you.

Remember that an order can take up to 30 days before being considered, even if your package has already been delivered.
We wish to inform you that to obtain your cashback, it is necessary;

1.That your browser accepts cookies. Be aware that some software such as AdBlock or Kaspersky can block cookies.

2. That you identify yourself on Panel Institut, you search for your merchant and you click on the button “Direct access to…” of the merchant’s file, making sure that you consult the validity terms.

3. Once on the merchant’s site, complete your order as usual and stay on the same page. We advise you not to open the new tab before making your order.

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